Andrea Viacaba

"This school has brought us so many blessings that it seems that 5 stars falls short. In terms of education, the dedication of the teachers and the program for each level exceed any expectation, my daughter knew all the letters sounds since she was 2 years old and at 4 years old, she was already reading. It also teaches them basic concepts of practical life and encourages them to cultivate their gifts and develop at their speed while enjoying the journey. The teachers and principals are very professionals and at the same time great humans, you don't take your children to a school, you take them to their second home thanks to THEM. The most important thing of all is that my children go to school happily and never in more than 3 years we have had any problems. To be part of Heritage Montessori Murphy is to decide to be part of a new family and their legacies will remain with my children forever!"


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