Angela Ryan

Truly a special and exceptional school! Starting with the basics: my child is safe, known, and well cared for. The school is clean, tidy, and centered on children's education. Time is protected, and children are respected. Every staff member knows my child's name. When I was vetting educational options in the area, I toured several well-regarded early education schools/centers, and what stood out to me about HMA was how the children behaved when an adult was not actively directing them. A group of 8 toddlers were calm, focused on their independent tasks at hand, and knew what was expected of them. Also important, they were demonstrating advanced skills within their zones of proximal development. The other schools weren't even close. HMA adheres tightly to Montessori principles, attracts experienced Montessori educators from varied backgrounds, and the school is accredited within the top 5% of Montessori centers in the nation. They hold high expectations for children and allow them to shine. I'm blown away at the things my child knows and can do, along with the detailed reporting on his skill development during parent-teacher conferences. Leaders and staff go above and beyond to give students a rich experience that includes fall and winter recitals, fun family activities, extended day programming, and extracurriculars from trusted vendors each day. If ever an issue arises, staff are prompt, thoughtful, and thorough. They have become even more proactive in giving parents ample notice to engage and participate in their child's schooling experience. Thank you to all the educators, leaders, and staff who have helped my child reach his potential in this critical stage of development. Onward to primary in a few short weeks!


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